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Zebadiah Crowe – The Many Deaths of The Great Beast

Twisted and deranged black metal filled with disturbing and sinister atmospheres all described perfectly by the band themselves: “A demented construct of filth and slithering oscillatory’s“…

Track List:

  1. Screams Of The Willow Hag Tree
  2. Woe Seeker
  3. Sundering Of Hope
  4. Howling Blood Fever
  5. Taking Up Knives To Lay Down With Whores
  6. Carrion Crown
  7. A Cantilation Of Revilement
  8. Devouring The Flesh of Kings
  9. The Drowning Lament
  10. Poising My Life Well
  11. Prognostication Of Ruin
  12. Expiation of The Breeders
  13. Lash Of Perdition


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