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Ymir – Aeons Of Sorrow

YMIR are reverent to the old ways but are by no means tethered to reductive expression. Aeons of Sorrow is thus a black metal record, no more but definitely no less, and it doesn’t need to “be” any more than that. Those whose eyes, ears, and hearts are open to such archaic language will heed the call, just as they did with Ymir…

Driving deeper into the past, Vrasjarn unfurls a comparatively more melodic and nuanced record that’s icier and, daresay, more beautiful. Here, he’s joined by the always-commanding presence of Corvus on vocals and prolific veteran drummer VnoM, with bass by True Black Dawn’s Syphon and additional synths by Tyranny’s Agathul – a crucial component of the mesmerizing tapestry of Aeons of Sorrow.

1. Woods Of My Past (Aeons Of Sorrow Pt. 1)
2. Pagan Swords (Aeons Of Sorrow Pt. 2)
3. Storm Of Shadows
4. The Pale Ghost Of North
5. Witches
6. Nightwinds
7. Outro


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