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Xenobiotic – Prometheus

Australia has proven a hotbed of talent for emerging Death Metal bands, with the like of Thy Art Is Murder and Aversions Crown carving global niches in an ever evolving, ever competitive genre. Xenobiotic (a.k.a Xeno) have exploded onto the circuit with ‘Prometheus’, the phenomenal debut album, released on Unique Leader Records on November 16th. Exhibiting maturity in their songwriting displayed usually by bands far further along in their careers, ‘Prometheus’ is a nightmarish journey of majestic depth. Fans of Gojira, Thy Art Is Murder, All Shall Perish and Morbid Angel will all find something to delve into on this record. Xeno have arrived…

Track List:

  1. Prometheus I : Aether
  2. Prometheus II : Genesis
  3. The Gift Of Fire
  4. Alive
  5. Forethought
  6. Nether II : Hindsight
  7. Alone
  8. He Who Dwells In Grime
  9. The People’s Champion
  10. Prometheus III : Nemesis
  11. Prometheus IV : Immortal


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