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Xasthur – Telepathic With The Deceased

The fourth album from one-man metal machine, XASTHUR! The LP opens with a four-minute electronic instrumental consisting of just two chords, sounding like the result of a jam session between Trent Reznor and Steve Reich. The nine tracks that follow add some more traditional black metal touches (hyper-speed and completely un-funky drumbeats, death growl vocals, guitar amps set to eleven – that sort of thing), but they’re still all in the service of these lengthy, predominantly atmospheric drones. 

  1. Entrance Into Nothingness
  2. Slaughtered Useless Beings In A Nihilistic Dream
  3. Abysmal Depths Are Flooded
  4. May Your Void Become As Deep As My Hate!
  5. Telepathic With The Deceased
  6. A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness
  7. Cursed Revelations
  8. Drown Into Eternal Twilight
  9. Murdered Echoes Of The Mind
  10. Exit


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