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Xalpen – The Curse of Kwányep

XALPEN is a raw Black Metal band, channeling ritualistic vibrations within the Black Arts and the spiritual voyage through Ancient occult traditions. Euphoria, trance and demoniac commitment have taken form between the different hemispheres of the planet. Two Chilean Demons: Juan Pablo Núñez (guitar & vocals) and Alvaro Lillo (bass & vocals), once again, manifest and complete their endeavor in all Music & Lyrics for a new XALPEN album & their second full-length: “The Curse of Kwányep” (K´wányep Chenen)

Format: CD | 2CD Slipcase | Yellow LP

1. K´YEWÉ (Intro)
2. CHENKE (Place of Death)
3. KÒLPÈWSH (Serpents Dance)
4. THE CURSE OF KWÁNYEP (Kwányep chenen)
5. THE BEAST FROM THE EAST (Wentek Kwakar)
6. KASH WAYÈWÈN QÈR (The deep speaking of the spirits)
7. MAH-KÁ XALPEN (Offering Chant)
09- MOON-WOMAN (Kre´-Naa)
10- HAIN KOIJN HARSHO (Instrumental)
* Bonus track CD:
11- DIABOLICCA (Angeles del Infierno cover)