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Wrach – Quae Infra Volo Videre

From the cold dark shadows of Wales emerges Wrach, an enigmatic one-man black metal force. A tempest of relentless riffs, thunderous percussion, and infernal vocals, submerged deep within occult, death worship, and anticosmic theses. Enveloping listeners into a sinister esoteric atmosphere of otherworldly currents, straddling the line between the material and the abyss. Embrace death, transcend the mortal coil and revel in the sinister beauty hidden within the folds of the abyss. This solitary figure stands as a sentinel of Death, guiding initiates through desolate and perilous soundscapes, beckoning you to tread the treacherous path where malevolence and obscurity converge.

1. (The Altar of Tarren Deusant) Ghæstan Sathanical Semilanceata
2. (The Call of the Carnyx) The Abyss, The Seven Pillars, and The Gift of Annwn
3. (The Throes of the Covenant) Born from the Womb of Chaos
4. Hail Death!
5. (Ll.B.C. MMXXI) Ignis N.O.X. Delirium
6. Quae Infra Volo Videre
7. A Woeful Descent (Telos)