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Wormed – Krighsu

**PRE-ORDER RELEASED 18.03.16** On their third full-length 'Krighsu' the fast rising Spanish Sci-Fi tech death prodigies are telling a dystopian cosmic story with lyrics and music joined into an overarching concept. While being outstandingly skilled musicians and not shying away from odd-time signatures, complex rhythmical patterns, and double-bass assaults, WORMED avoid any self-indulgent show of prowess for its own sake. Instead the five-piece from Madrid clearly lays its emphasis on creating atmospheric songs, which develop and grow along the underlying story. Track List: 1. Pseudo-Horizon 2. Neomorph Mindkind 3. Agliptian Codex Cyborgization 4. The Singularitarianism 5. Eukaryotic Hex Swarm 6. Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy 7. A-Life Omega Point 8. 57889330816 9. Zeroth-Energy Graviton 10. Molecular Winds


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