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Wolves’ Winter – Qayin Coronatvs

Wolves’ Winter was formed in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to spread the word of the no-light through Qayin’s manifestations. During these past years the band released several EPs through various underground labels before starting to record their first full length album in 2020. It contains 13 tracks that were originally composed in 2011/2012. With this album the band found their identity and will continue to work and worship under the name of death. Musically it should first and foremost appeal to fans of the classic Finnish Black Metal style. 

1.Consagration of Qayin I
2.Dethroning the Fallen Ancients
3.Eclipsed by Fire
4.The Splendour of Sulphurous Knowledge
5.Gnosis of the No-Light
6.Mallevs Maleficarvm
7.Consagration of Qayin II
8.Underneath the Drowned Stars
9.Ars Necromantia
10.Satvrnian Manifest
12.Consagration of Qayin III
13.Kuoleva Lupaus (Horna cover)


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