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Wizards Beard – Four Tired Undertakers

Second album from this dirty, rotten, slow and pissed off sludge/doom metal band. A horribly monstrous band and album. For fans of Iron Monkey, Eyehategod.

Track List:

  1. Subrise Et Muerto
  2. Abandon The Wol
  3. Daemon
  4. Seeth Inside
  5. Accursed
  6. Harbringer
Four Tired Undertakers is an excellent follow up to the 2011 epic ‘Pure Filth’. Some of the influences seen on their debut dropped in favour of a more doom/sludge sound but that’s not a criticism by any means, it’s simply an observation and see’s the band stripping their sound down to the absolute minimum but without losing any of their appeal. This release is as extreme as you’re likely to hear from a band that chooses to keep their songs slow, very slow. Each track stands out, never sounding drawn out or monotonous which is an achievement in itself for such long tracks. Want to get down in the dirt and revel in the horror and grime, then get this cd…you will not be disappointed. Comes highly recommendedUKEM BLOG


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