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Windswept – The Onlooker

Conceived by DRUDKH mastermind Roman Sayenko in cooperation with two of his fellow band members, black metal force WINDSWEPT return with their second full length. ‘The Onlooker’ once more employs a raw, fierce black metal sound reminiscent of earlier days, harvested from spending only a few of days in the studio. ‘The Onlooker’ is bound to appeal to those who enjoy the other works of these veterans of the Ukrainian (black) metal scene.

Formats: CD Digi-Pack

Track List:

  1. I’m Oldness and Oblivion (Intro)
  2. Stargazer
  3. A Gift to Feel Nostalgia
  4. Disgusting Breed of Hagglers
  5. Gustav Meyrink’s Prague
  6. Insomnia of the Old Men
  7. Times of No Dreams & No Poets
  8. Bookworm, Loser, Pauper


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