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Windswept – Der Eine, Wahre König


WINDSWEPT is yet another creative vehicle for the esteemed Roman Saenko, known worldwide for his pioneering work in Drudkh, Precambrian and Hate Forest among others. While most of his musical creations stem from black metal, thankfully, WINDSWEPT is consistent in this regard and unapologetically restrictive, retaining Saenko’s characteristically hypnotic riffing coasting atop a wintry atmosphere. Now, after a couple albums with Season of Mist, WINDSWEPT join forces with PRIMITIVE REACTION, who released the debut album of his PRECAMBRIAN project in 2020, with the brand-new mini-album Der eine, wahre Konig. Uniquely, this four- song / 28- minute recording features two equally esteemed vocalists – Winterherr of Paysage D’ Hiver, and Meilenwald of Ruins of Beverast – with both men splitting duties evenly. Indeed, with such a structure, Der eine, wahre Konig is a portrait of evenness: unwavering, unflinching, immovable, engrossing. Movement manifests in subtlety, as is Saenko’s stock in trade; further and deeper listens reveal a wealth of nuance even if it’s not always apparent. All four tracks comprising the record feature all- German lyrics, evoking a different yet- related sense of austerity from the mainman’s proudly Ukrainian ruminations, and both vocalists rise to the challenge of pushing their respective throats to the limit whilst remaining rooted to WINDSWEPT’s core consistency. That “Der Eine, Wahre Konig” attacks from the very first second and successively expands, concluding with the near-11- minute “Jedes Todes Lohn,” and retains its astute balance of urgency and epicness speaks to Saenko’s never-faltering mastery.

  1. Verbrannte Brucken
  2. Die Burde der Erinnerungen
  3. Drangsal
  4. Jedes Todes Lohn