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Werewolves – My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me

Werewolves formed in 2019 and have proceeded to release an album a year to increasing acclaim and global calamity. Three full lengths and one EP later, the band performs an act of creative peristalsis with album four “My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me” due out 11th August 2023. Bassist/vocalist Sam (The Antichrist Imperium, The Berzerker) says: “Here it finally is, the recording that will cement our place in the technical death metal world as some of the greatest soloists and most thought-provoking lyricists working in music today. Our ability to shape raw art from ethereal nuance is second only to our famously slow craftmanship.” He continues “Of course I’m fucking kidding. This album is as idiotic as the rest, if not more. CAVEMAN RIFFS. Blasting. Screaming. Bowing to a shrine with pictures of Mortician, Marduk, and Angelcorpse. This isn’t going to be the album that brings people together and catalyses world peace. Apparently it has greater emotional reach than our earlier work but we haven’t noticed that ourselves, we’re morons. I can confirm that there is more swearing on this album than all the others, it’s positively Australian-esque”.

  1. Under The Ground
  2. My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me
  3. Bring To Me The Kill
  4. Brace For Impact
  5. Destroyer of Worlds
  6. Neanderhell
  7. I Hate Therefore I Am
  8. I Knew Nothing Then And I Know Less Now
  9. Do Not Hold Me Bac



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