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Werewolves – From the Cave to the Grave

Start digging your bomb shelters: WEREWOLVES are releasing their third full-length album ‘From the Cave to the Grave’ 24thJune 2022. “‘From The Cave to The Grave’ keeps up the searing pace of the first two WEREWOLVES albums, with a mix of black and death metal and unprecedented aggression that is coalescing into a style of its own. Opener ‘Self-Help Book Burning’ kicks the door in Hate Eternal-style before deforming into a blackened ending worthy of Marduk. It’s followed by stadium crowd-pleaser ‘We Are Better Than You’, blaster ‘All the Better to Eat You With’, and social credit score-destroyer ‘Crushing Heaven’s Mandate’. ‘Harvest of the Skulls’ is an ode to the horror of genocide and the rest of the album blasts through to closing threat ‘Watch Your Mouth’, leaving you to enjoy your ringing ears and mild trauma.

  1. Self-Help Book-Burning
  2. We Are Better Than You
  3. All The Better To Eat You With
  4. Crushing Heaven’s Mandate
  5. Harvest Of The Skulls
  6. Oedipus Tyrannus
  7. Nuclear Family Holocaust
  8. Pride And Extreme Prejudice
  9. Watch Your Mouth


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