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Warmoon Lord / Vultyrium – Pure Cold Impurity

Originally released in a limited edition in early 2020, this split album features exclusive tracks from two uprising hordes among Finland’s ever-fertile black metal underground, and both being bands who’ve since released crimes via WEREWOLF. WARMOON LORD should require no introduction after 2021’s superlative Battlespells, and here does Lord Vrajitor expand upon his classicist muse: medieval black metal majesty from the mid/late ’90s, with special emphasis on spectral synths for this recording. For their part, VULTYRIUM might’ve released one of 2022’s dark-horse hits with their self-titled album, but it was here where mainman The Vultyrian established his crude-yet-cruising style of black metal rife buttressed by somber bass work, at times evoking early Algaion. Together, seven spells cast in 38 minutes: Pure Cold Impurity raises the banners – again – of modern Finlandia resistance!
1. Warmoon Lord – Ancient Death’s Crown 05:28
2. Warmoon Lord – Victory of Irreverend Might 06:47
3. Warmoon Lord – Magie et sange 02:02
4. Warmoon Lord – The Morningstar’s Descent 06:36
5. Vultyrium – Towards the Throne of Solitude 04:36
6. Vultyrium – Journey Through Razorwinds 05:32
7.Vultyrium – Crowning in Desolation06:32


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