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Wargrinder – Ironclad Destroyer

Originally hailing from Athens, Greece, WARGRINDER was founded by extreme metal drummer Warhead in 1999. During the band’s first few years, they recorded four demos with him on bass and vocals. A period of inactivity occurred where Warhead took the time to compose new material, learn to play guitar better, and handle everything by himself. Meanwhile, he recorded or did session drums for a multitude of bands – among them, Perdition Temple and Sadistic Noise. In 2009, the debut The Seal of Genocide was re-recorded. With additional new material to complete the first 2004 draft recording, this debut album was the harbinger of what was to come. Two more albums followed, as well as splits with Iconoclast Contra and now-labelmates HATE MANIFESTO, further perfecting the malignant ‘n’ martial WARGINDER aesthetic.

That aesthetic arguably reaches its apotheosis with the brand-new Ironclad Destroyer. Although “merely” a mini-album, the five songs comprising the 19-minute Ironclad Destroyer is the ideal schematic for the slicing, surging style of deathened black metal WARGRINDER play. With tangible aspects of Angelcorpse, Profanatica, and classic Marduk detectable – not to mention their homeland’s noble tradition of black metal – WARGRINDER seamlessly blend these scathing influences into something uniquely their own. The ultraviolence is palpable here, but is delivered with such confident, almost-cruising aplomb, Ironclad Destroyer swiftly destroys the listener with absolute ease. And while we’re loathe to use the term “catchy,” WARGRINDER nevertheless evince something close that across this mini-album, with each of these militant warheads


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