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Waldgeflüster – Dahoam

Belonging, identity, exclusion, otherization. What is home and who gets to call it that? Why is something considered typical or local and how can we make a place our own? 10 years after exploring some inner truths, peace and strength in the wilderness of Femundsmarka, it is now time to take a close look at the place we call “home” and try to find some universal truths about it. Rooted in the landscapes of Upper Bavaria, written in its tongue, these seven songs of “Dahoam” (“Back home”) can barely put in to words what home truly is or what human beings dare to make of it. Yet despite all the darkness that comes with it – there still is this sense of belonging once we see the Wendelstein in the distance. The concept of home, the contradictions and inner conflict that come with it is what “Dahoam” tries to explore.”

1. A Taglachinger Morgen
2. Im Ebersberger Forst
3. Am Stoa
4. Am Tatzlwurm
5. In da Fuizn
6. Mim Blick aufn Kaiser
7. Am Wendelstoa


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