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Waidelotte – Celestial Shrine

WAIDELOTTE is a new Extreme Metal band from Ukraine combining Black Metal, melodic Death Metal and Progressive Metal with traditional Folk singing and instrumentation. The project gathers individuals with diverse musical backgrounds, including members of SOEN, WHITE WARD, NAONI ORCHESTRA, ТІНЬ СОНЦЯ and SOLAR KOLLAPSE amongst others. Impassioned and addictive debut album “Celestial Shrine” balances violent riffing, driving rhythms, fluid basslines and raging vocals with a poignant sense of melancholy via plaintive, exultant rural harmonies and the use of native instruments including the duduk, bandura, tsymbaly and hurdy-gurdy. Thematically the record depicts one individual’s journey through despair, death and ultimately rebirth. The central character, disillusioned by the relentless disappointments of life and the disarray of the world around, becomes a vessel for the album’s exploration of tension, transformation and catharsis.


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