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Voltumna – Damnatio Sacrorum

Hailing from Italy, this superb black death metal band add symphonic elements to their music which gives it a really unique sound. Their lyrical themes are inspired by the myths and history of the Etruscan civilization. Produced by Paolo Pieri (Hour of Penance, Aborym), this will appeal to fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Track List:

  1. Soul on the Acheronte
  2. Lord of Mayhem
  3. Aruspice
  4. Damnatio Sacrorum
  5. Suffocated (feat. Paolo Pieri)
  6. Waiting for the Dawn
  7. Epitaph for My Sins
  8. Deus ex Machina
  9. Bloody Priestess
  10. Progeny of the Snake


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