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Voices – Frightened

The band continue to reflect the urban, or ‘London’ sound, attached to our music. However, unlike our concept album LONDON, telling of an obsessed man seemly trapped within South East London, FRIGHTENED is more abstract in its themes. If LONDON was a feverish nightmare then FRIGHTENED is more of a lucid dream. The title is symptomatic of a band continuing to feel detached from the reality in front of us. From the mundanity of city life to the extreme examples of horrors people commit every day, we simply as people cannot relate or understand how we fit in to this picture. FRIGHTENED is an album for those struggling to find their own placement in the fluctuating real world, falling back on the things we reside more comfortable in, such as love, pain, art and death.

Track List:

  1. Unknown
  2. Rabbits Curse
  3. Evaporated
  4. IWSYA
  5. Dead Feelings
  6. Manipulator
  7. Funeral Day
  8. Fascinator
  9. Home Movies
  10. Sequences
  11. Footsteps