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Vile Mass – Gore Weed Distortion

Brutal death metal force VILEMASS release their new full length “Gore Weed Distortion”, a frantic, unsettling and twisted album filled with punishing riffs, plenty of headbanging and gruesome lyrics inspired by the likes of legendary Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Deicide. Expect plenty of guttural growls and throaty, piercing screams setting a chilling atmosphere for this stunning work. Raging from mid paced chugs for the hardened headbangers out there, down to doom laden riffage, “Gore Weed Distortion” sounds deep, thick and relentless. 

  1. Brain filth waves
  2. Beast Of No Land
  3. Carnage By Slut
  4. Perverse Affliction
  5. Blaze to sanify
  6. Gore Weed Distortion
  7. Made Of Lies
  8. Murderous Insanity
  9. Fire On Apocalypse
  10. Fire On The EndWhelps


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