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Vermin Womb – Retaliation

Denver crust/deathgrinders Vermin Womb (who are fronted by Primitive Man’s Ethan McCarthy and also feature members of Ethan’s former band Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire) have announced their sophomore album, Retaliation, following 2016’s Decline. 12 tracks of blasting grindcore that are as nasty, abrasive, and pulverizing as you’d hope

  1. Crumbling World Without Joy
  2. Rot in Hell
  3. Denvoid
  4. It Takes All Types
  5. Said What I Said (Grave Pissing)
  6. Boiled World
  7. Art Districts Without Artists
  8. Not One Regular Person Has Been Unharmed & No One Is Innocent
  9. Real Trauma (Bomb First)
  10. Ambulance
  11. Gamnique (Cold World)
  12. Sad Clown (My Spiritually Rotten Second Reply)


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