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Venom Prison – Primeval

  • **PRE-ORDER RELEASED 09.10.20** ‘Primeval’ comprises both new and historic material from Venom Prison, bringing new life to favourites such as “Usurper of the Throne” from their Defy the Tyrant EP and “Babylon The Whore” from their ‘Primal Chaos’ EPs respectively, both of which were released in very limited pressings during 2015. In addition to historic material, ‘Primeval’ sees Venom Prison debut ‘Defiant to the Will of God’, a newer track recorded during late 2019. ‘Primeval’ is both a hark back to the force that has underpinned Venom Prison’s momentum in recent years as well as an indication as to what the future may hold.

Format: CD | LP (Turquoise and Light Pink Splatter)

  1. Usurper of the Throne
  2. Life Suffer
  3. Mortal Abomination
  4. Path of Exile
  5. Defy the Tyrant
  6. Babylon the Whore
  7. Daemon Vulgaris
  8. Narcotic
  9. The Primal Chaos
  10. Defiant to the Will of God
  11. Slayer of Holofernes