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Vegard – Call From The Forest [Black Sleeves]

6 tracks of bleak and haunting black metal straight from the forest. Count Vornok (Vocals, Guitars and Synths) and Grond (Drums) have attained major success in current and past bands but have chosen to remain anonymous for this new project!

Unique to this vinyl and added as bonus material, Vegard once again descended deep into the forest to record ‘The Blackhouse Sessions‘, featuring 4 tracks**, recorded live, un-produced and in one take which has resulted “in pure necro worship” as Count Vornok describes the end result. You will not hear this new recording anywhere other than this vinyl!!! Count Vornok and Grond were accompanied by ‘The Nameless One‘ for this unique recording.

Format: Limited Edition white and black vinyl. Housed in standard black cover art sleeves.

Track List:

  1. Call From The Forest
  2. Veil of Winter
  3. Ancient Sigils
  4. The Troll
  5. In Moonrise…
  6. Fireside
  7. Wolf King**
  8. Praise The Black Flame**
  9. Eternal Void**
  10. I Walk Behind The Stars**