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Ved Buens Ende – Those Who Caress The Pale

**PRE-ORDER RELEASED 07.05.21** The early nineties Norwegian black metal demo “Those who caress the pale” (originally released 1994 on cassette format) has had a cult status for many years. After a few re‐issues in the distant past now is the time to honor this pioneering material by making it available again on cd and vinyl including bonus material!

  1. A Mask in the Mirror
  2. The Carrier of Wounds
  3. You That May Wither
  4. The Plunderer
  5. Those Who Caress the Pale
  6. Insects, Pt. I
  7. Strange Calm
  8. You That May Wither (Rehearsal 1994)
  9. Den Såkaldte (Live 1995)