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Unleashed – Midvinterblot

Unleashed hits every cylinder possibly on “Midvinterblot”! To be hailed a classic by Viking Metal fans as well as Death Metal fans worldwide! First time on vinyl in 13 years! [Exclusive UK Colour LP]

  1. Blood Of Lies
  2. This Is Our World Now
  3. We Must Join With Him
  4. Midvinterblot
  5. In Victory Or Defeat
  6. Triumph Of Genocide
  7. The Avenger
  8. Salvation For Mankind
  9. Psycho Killer
  10. The Witch
  11. I Have Sworn Allegiance
  12. Age Of The Warrior
  13. New Dawn Rising
  14. Loyalty And Pride
  15. Valhalla Awaits


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