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Unhuman Disease – Dalla Benedizione Del Diavolo

UNHUMAN DISEASE is trademarked by Un-humanly grim vocals, catchy ceremonial rhythms and pulse pounding drums, all overlaid with maleficently eerie guitar solos. Sole member and known keeper of the true Black Metal flame, Nocturnus Dominus captures the 1990’s essence of Norwegian Black Metal while maintaining the unmistakably diabolical American sound. Continuing their legacy under the Moribund Records banner, UNHUMAN DISEASE returns to remind all of what blasphemous aggression in Black Metal should sound like!
  1. Perverse Invocation Of Demons
  2. Darkest Night
  3. The Sinister Calling
  4. Temple Of Beleth
  5. Doctrine Of The Black Arts
  6. Black Coffin Curse
  7. Ruins Of Bone And Ash
  8. Void Of The Reborn
  9. Down To The Altars…Of Hell
  10. Senza Vita
  11. Perverse Invocation Of Death


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