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Ungrace – Feed The Demons

The second full-length album from the Ukrainian Industrial Death/Groove Metal band.
“Feed The Demons” is more heavy, more dark and more brutal than its predecessor and is a new, fresh look at the good old Death Metal, cross-bred with Groove and flavored with dismal Industrial atmosphere. For fans of Cryptopsy, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Decapitated, Chimaira, etc.

Track List:

  1. … Will Kill You
  2. All My Demons
  3. Horizons Behind
  4. Scarifice
  5. Glamour & Pathos
  6. Drill a Hole in My Skull
  7. Sick Passion
  8. Bleeding Thoughts
  9. Fall / Follow / Feed
  10. No(w) More Hate
  11. S.L.F.
  12. Feed Your Demons (Outro)
  13. Glamour & Pathos (Russian Version)


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