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Unfelled – Pall Of Endless Perdition

Emerging Pagan black metal project UNFELLED is rising from the underground to release their debut full-length, ‘Pall of Endless Perdition’. Designed by the same mastermind behind Woods of Desolation, the project serves as a vicious and violent counterpart to its elegant and melodic predecessor, showcasing multi-instrumentalist D.’s impressive musical duality. Musically weaving together fury and triumph with aggression and melody, the lyrics predominately center on bloodshed, war and death – the threefold cloak beneath which lies eternal darkness. For fans of Drudkh, Woods of Desolation, Fuath, Gaerea, Misþyrming.

1. An Epoch in Bloodshed (5:50)
2.The Opposer (4:39)
3.Wreathed Wings (4:08)
4.Veil of Perdition (6:13)
5.Transcendent Legacy (4:33)
6.Evanescent (3:13)
7.A Diadem Embattled (7:31)