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Uncoffined Albums

**PRE-ORDER RELEASED 23.10.20** Finally, the time has come to released both Uncoffined albums on limited edition tapes! Both albums feature crushing songs described as ‘morbid horror drenched doom death darkness’. Will definitely appeal to fans of Winter, Hooded Menace, Thy Grief Eternal, early Cathedral, 80’s Candlemass, early Trouble, Dream Death, Runemagick, Autopsy, early Paradise Lost, early Penance, Saint Vitus etc.

Tape 1: Ritual Death And Funeral Rites (2013)

  1. Twisted Shape of Creeping Terror
  2. Night of the Witch Childe
  3. Ritual Death and Funeral Rites
  4. Blasphemous Execration of Holy Ground
  5. The Devil and the Old Cursed Tree
  6. Frustrations (Revelation cover)

Tape 2: Ceremonies of Morbidity (2016)

  1. The Horrors of Highgate
  2. Plague of the Uncoffined
  3. Ceremonies of Morbidity
  4. Ill Omens of Death and Disease
  5. Awakened from Their Dormant Slumber