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Trident – North

TRIDENT is a blackened death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, and consists of (ex) members from Dissection, Lord Belial, Fejd, Sacramentum, and Soulreaper among others.

Envisioned to recreate the essence, which was artistically lost after the 90s, the band embraced a time where limits and boundaries seemed to be lost in order to create something that speaks freely from the soul. The essence of Trident was rightfully shown through the Shadows EP, which led to several years of crafting the final material of the new full-length album ‘North’.

With ‘North’, the band have stepped away from tight structural extreme music and instead brought back the soul of the old greats.

1. Enter
2. Death
3. Imperium Romanum
4. Summoning
5. Pallbearers Hymn
6. Final War
7. Possession
8. North
9. Shaman


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