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Trepas – Les Ombres Malades

If its approach hasn’t changed that much, Trepas still alternating between incisive black metal and a more brooding side, the band was able nonetheless to enrich its compositions with accoustic and atmospheric parts that are even more intricate than on the frst album. Between the excellent vocal performance of Goliatt, the superb guitar harmonies and the massive production, Trepas is on top of its game on this album, which should end the year in many top tens! Musicians from well-known Quebec Death Metal bands Outre-Tombe and Morgue come together to offer something totally unexpected, namely brooding and atmospheric Black Metal of the highest order.

  1. Alienation
  2. Les Ombres Malades
  3. Desert de Cendres
  4. Metamorphose
  5. Le Manque Onirique
  6. Alterite
  7. Astre Noir



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