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Tomb Mold – The Enduring Spirit

After releasing three albums in three years and then spending the next four in the wilderness, Tomb Mold has been reborn on fourth album ‘The Enduring Spirit’, a thoroughly unabashed step into vast new territories. Yet for all its frenetic daring and audacious exploration, ‘The Enduring Spirit’ is never anything other than unmistakably Tomb Mold.  

While the expanding Tomb Mold architecture could be heard on last year’s self-released ‘Aperture of Body’ tape, particularly on final track ‘Prestige of Rebirth’, it comes into clear focus throughout ‘The Enduring Spirit’. Certainly Derrick Vella’s time creating within and expanding the Doom genre in Dream Unending has seeped into the flesh of Tomb Mold, not to mention Payson Power and Max Klebanoff’s explorations in their own Daydream Plus project.


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