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Tithe – Inverse Rapture

TITHE is a Portland, Oregon based band that constructs an unorthodox amalgamation of death metal, black metal, and grind without straying too far from the fundamentals of aggressiveness and depravity.

TITHE’s sophomore LP “Inverse Rapture” evolves upon the themes of Penance and morphs into a more angry, raw and dissonant form.  The trio’s most incendiary material to date, “Inverse Rapture” maintains the blazing tempos TITHE is known for with dreary, lowering passages strewn throughout.  Produced/mixed by Fester, mastered by Adam Gonsalves and featuring the macabre art of Abomination Hammer, “Inverse Rapture” is a complete exhibition of viciousness and despair beginning to end.

1. Anthropogenic Annihilation
2. Inverse Rapture
3. Demon
4. Parasite
5. Killing Tree
6. Luciferian Pathways Of The Forked Tongue
7. Pseudologia Fantastica