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Thy Primordial – The Crowning Carnage

DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! "The Crowning Carnage" is the fifth album by Swedish black metal masters Thy Primordial, originally released in 2002. There are no gimmicks on "The Crowning Carnage", just subtly melodic, brutal and punishing music brought to us through the excellent use of the “basic” metal instrumentation. No keyboards, or electronic effects, but the ominous atmosphere is captured masterfully. SIDE A 1.Subterranean Carnality 2.Genuine Hatred 3.Icon Retribution 4.The Crowning Carnage 5.Worldecay SIDE B 6.Purveyor Of Chaos 7.Changing The Mortal Disguise 8.Menace Of Human Waste 9.Destroying The Idea Of A God  


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