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Thy Primordial – Pestilence Upon Mankind

“Pestilence Against Mankind” is the sixth and final album released by Swedish black metal band Thy Primordial in 2006. Combining ultra-high speed, vicious black metal, subtle guitar melodies and one of the most over-the-top vocalists around, the band progressed to the point where they truly were the kings of the sub-genre despite their criminally low profile.

  • SIDE A
    1.Pestilence Upon Mankind
    2.Glorious Day
    3.Genocide Angel
  • SIDE B
    4.Crowned With Lamentable Creed
    5.Death Is Mercy
    6.Deprived Of Everlasting Bliss
  • SIDE C
    7.Soul Affliction
  • SIDE D
    9.Grinding Black Madness
    10.Revel In Misanthropy


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