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Thurisaz – The Cimmerian Years

The Belgian returns after 4 years with their third opus! “The Cimmeraian Years” is a great doom/death album, an endless journey into the human feelings. With their most mature work so far, THURISAZ are ready to surprise you with their amazing passage into the avant-garde doom/death music, full of emotions, great melodies and depth!

Featuring guest vocals by Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom) and Thomas A.G. Jensen (Saturnus) among others!

Track List:

  1. Broken
  2. My Precious Unknown
  3. Second Mirror
  4. No Regrets
  5. Fare Thee Well
  6. The Carnival of Miscreation
  7. Inner Voices
  8. Unhealed
  9. A Glance of Misperception


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