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Throne – Pestilent Dawn

Revered and respected among the Midwest heavy music community, Throne have captivated and crushed the masses with a ferocious, relentless and intricate formula of Death Metal all their own. Since storming from the gates in late 2017 with their first jaw dropping live performance, Throne have consistently gained momentum, sharing the stage and holding their own with major extreme acts such as At The Gates, Exhumed, Revocation, Suffocation, Belphegor and Goatwhore. The band’s debut full length, ‘Pestilent Dawn’, showcases the band’s mastery of the genre. It’s a complete Death/Black bludgeoning from beginning to end that will certainly leave listener’s mouths agape in awe and necks sore from non-stop headbanging!

  • For fans of: Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Belphegor, Dark Funeral, Angelcorpse
  1. Intro
  2. Amongst the sinners, they came forth
  3. In the midst of chaos
  4. And they shall weep
  5. Eternity in mourning
  6. Pestilent dawn
  7. Born of death
  8. Beyond malice
  9. All creation wept
  10. Humanity’s dusk


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