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Thorium – Ocean Of Blasphemy

“Ocean Of Blasphemy” was recorded in the summer of 1999 and released in early 2000 by Danish label Diehard Records (RIP), with this re-release marking the 20 year anniversary of the original album release. As bonus tracks on this re-issue you’ll find the two first ever recorded songs by Thorium. Both were recorded at Soundzone studio in one day back in 1998. For fans of: Entombed, Deicide, Dismember, At The Gates, Morbid Angel & Brutality

  1. Crest for War
  2. Abomination of God
  3. Crypts of Chaos
  4. Impaled
  5. Betrayed by God
  6. Countless Ways to Die
  7. Ocean of Blasphemy
  8. Desecrating the Graves
  9. Dawn of Flames
  10. Lunatic of God’s Creation
  11. Impaled (demo 1998)
  12. Ocean Of Blasphemy (demo 1998)


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