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The Sickening – Sickness Unfold

2nd album by this norwegian band featuring ex-BLOOD RED THRONE drummer. Don’t you miss the good old days of, for example, the first DEEDS OF FLESH album?? When Brutal Death was pure and unadultered?? If this is your stuff and also bands like GORGASM, KATAPLEXIA, DISAVOWED, VILE then this album is definitely for you!!

Track List:

  1. Sickness Unfold
  2. Fixed On Killing
  3. Unnamed Horror
  4. Throat Hole Ejaculation
  5. Lord Of Decay
  6. A Mind Deranged
  7. Powertool Sodomy
  8. Suffer For My Pleasure
  9. Condemned By Hate
  10. Abort The Fetus (VILE cover)


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