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The Infernal Sea – Negotium Crucis

The Infernal Sea draw influences from the founding fathers of Black Metal while firmly imprinting their own unique plague-ridden UKBM stamp. With British Bravado they inject their Black ‘n’ Roll groove into their savage riffage to create something truly diabolical. New album ‘Negotium Crucis’ released September 18th 2020 (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) expands on the Medieval concept, brutally established on 2016’s ‘The Great Mortality’, focusing on the black death that swept across the UK and Europe from 1348 and the horrors that man inflicted upon one another as a result.

An experimental album that bridges the gap between ‘The Great Mortality’ and ‘Agents of Satan’ EP. It showcases the progression and maturity of The Infernal Sea. This album is RAW, not only sonically but also production value wise. It captures the ‘Black ‘N’ Roll’ element that the band inject into their compositions, it is savage yet melodic and sounds undeniably like The Infernal Sea.

  1. Destruction of Shum
  2. Befallen Order
  3. God Wills It
  4. Field of the Burned
  5. Devoid of Fear
  6. Negotium Crucis
  7. Unholy Crusade
  8. Rex Mundi

Bonus Track
Into the Unknown


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