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The Antichrist Imperium – Vol III: Satan In His Glory

Armed with a new album, avantgarde death metal outfit The Antichrist Imperium (featuring members of Akercocke, Voices, Werewolves & The Berzerker) is set to release their 3rd album “Volume III: Satan In His Original Glory” on 7th October via Apocalyptic Witchcraft. 4 years and countless hours in the making, “Volume III: Satan In His Original Glory” is everything great about The Antichrist Imperium turned up to 11. Whether you are into haunting melodies, progressive journeys, or ceaseless blasting, this album is an aural feast that will stand forever in your collection like a curse! Vocalist Samuel Bean comments: “We have no message to convey, all we wish is to deliver to you is a glorious and reverent ode to Satan, a dream of a world where a black hoof steps on your face forever. “Volume 3: Satan In His Original Glory” has our best riffs, our greatest songwriting efforts, most insane lyrics, and the most taboo artwork seen on an album of dark art.

1.The Sweetest Juice
2.Vilest of Beasts
3.Third Degree Baptism
4.Exorcist Evisceration
5.Chapel of the Crippled Seed
6.Tu Verus Mundi Lucifer
7.Menage a Triumvirate


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