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The Antichrist Imperium – Vol II: Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan

The Antichrist Imperium's 2nd album presents the quartet with a sound that is unique and well established away from any of the groups other projects, all the while bringing musical composition to this album aiding it to be as diverse as it is unrelenting. Once again, embalmer of the dead, Matt Wilcock (Abramelin, ex-Akercocke, ex-The Berzerker) brings the hyper-thrash death shreds that can only be contained by Funeral Director David Gray's (Akercocke, Voices, ex-The Berzerker) masterful blasts and Sam Bean's (The Senseless, ex-The Berzerker) cutting death metal barks that nail the coffins shut. Last but not least, Samuel Loynes (Akercocke, Shrines, Voices) ties the sound together with vocals atypical to that of the context of the music, delivering the melodic and the emotive to this sonic funeral service. 1. The Dreadful Hosanna 2. Death Ritual 3. Drawn Down The Moon 4. Liturgy Of The Iconoclast / Blood Sacrifice 5. Ceremonial Suicide Rites 6. Golgothian Hieros Gamos 7. Sermon Of Small Faith


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