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Tardus Mortem – Armageddon

Tardus Mortem dived down even further into the abyss of cacophony to create sepulchral hymns of desolation and the most desolate and apocalyptic record possible. With three songs (plus a re-recorded track and a Grave cover) depicting the impending Christian apocalypse where seraphs crucify humanity, and everything is forlorn, the new album “Armageddon” was created. With lyrics that depict the apocalyptic, and desolate nature of denomination, the death trio take the listener into a bleak and dismal existence depicting human and godly atrocities. In the form of Jehovah witness apocalyptic prophecies.
Will you open your door to them?

For fans of: Autopsy, Cancer, Incantation & Grave

1. Condemned To The Halls Of Infernal Sin
2. From Heaven’s Throne Thee Bring Forth Death
3. Gust of Armageddon (Suicidal Winds)
4. Nun Of The Pyre – 2021 version
5. Into The Grave – Grave cover



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