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Sykelig Englen – Hymns Of The Dead

Solo Black Metal project of Norwegian musician Jørgen Sven Kirby (Nattskog), Sykelig Englen incorporate the rich tundra of the Scandinavian forests with the dark resentment and self respective depression that lies within. Sykelig Englen will leave you cold, internally struggling and doomed to despair.

Track List:

  1. Funeral Of Happiness
  2. We Are As Sh*t
  3. Perfecting Failure
  4. Drep Deg Selv
  5. D.I.E (Death Infected Earth)
  6. Misanthropic Self Mutilation
  7. Cold Dark Depression
  8. We Sleep In Our Tombs
  9. Give Up
  10. Loneliness Is Where I Am Loved
  11. Embracing Inner Hatred
  12. Illusions Of A Safe Place


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