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Svederna – Härd

September 4th marks the return of SVEDERNA with their new album ‘Härd’, consisting of ten blistering tracks of supreme black metal performed with their fierce blend of raw aggression and strong melodic lines! As always, the almighty riffs are the main focal point, each one exceeded by the next, creating an overwhelming metal meltdown. The album was nailed with the paragon of keeping an organic, raw, and clear sound, letting the songs speak for themselves with a sense of urgency and vitality. Created with a sense of timelessness ‘Härd’ is a result of dedication and conviction taking the band and its music to new musical plains. While expanding deeper into the black metal foundation, the band wields steep, unpredictable and spellbinding song arrangements with a mind-bending effect, trapping the audience against a wall of sound. After the release of the critically acclaimed album ‘Svedjeland’ in 2018, the band has gained worldwide attention for their violent and captivating sound.

  1. Den Arkaiska Rötan
  2. Folkets Blod
  3. Skuld Och Vita Knogar
  4. Förtigen
  5. Niðr
  6. Tempelhärd
  7. Sanndrömmar Om Evigt Lidand
  8. Urkvedsljuset
  9. Varsel
  10. Androm Till Skräck Och Varnagel


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