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Suicidal Causticity – The Spiritual Decline

SUICIDAL CAUSTICITY, which means “caustic brutal death metal leading to cerebral suicide” comes this debut album: “The Spiritual Decline” includes ten tracks of unlawful sensations and commanding obliteration, created in Italy purposely to make your ears bleed! Brutal death metal composed of homicidal guitars and bass riffs, ravenous blast beats, all framed by gruesome growling vocals. A new reality in Death Metal from Italy with no compromise! For fans of Suffocation, Nile, Hour Of Penance, Spawn Of Possession and more!

Track List:

  1. A Suicidal Causticity
  2. Electrocuted Pregnancy
  3. Orphan of Any Human Lineaments
  4. Incest with the Dead
  5. Pedophagist
  6. Excised and Infibulated
  7. Eradication of the Future Progeny
  8. Soothe the Unbearable Thoughts
  9. Decanting Your Intestine
  10. Involutional Dynamics of the Corporeal Mass


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