Suffocation – Pinnacle Of Bedlam

DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! "Pinnacle of Bedlam", the seventh full length for the brutal technical death metal masters, is some of the best material that Suffocation has ever put out. From the guitar work, drums, bass, vocals and lyrics, Suffocation have put out a true masterpiece. "Pinnacle of Bedlam" keeps all of the Suffocation hallmarks intact. The cataclysmic cadence and crushing triplets are here. The dominating riffs are present, pitting elasticity against closed-fist crunch. The explosive speed and oscillating anti-grooves are familiar and well worn. But there’s something else here, something luminous and deadly that recalls the band’s finest work. SIDE A 1.Cycles Of Suffering 2.Purgatorial Punishment 3.Eminent Wrath 4.As Grace Descends 5.Sullen Days SIDE B 6.Pinnacle Of Bedlam 7.My Demise 8.Inversion 9.Rapture Of Revocation 10.The Beginning Of Sorrow  


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