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Skyforest – Aftermath

“Aftermath” is the debut album of Skyforest, the Russian solo-project which rose from the ashes of Annorkoth.
Originally released on CD in 2014 through an East European underground label and distributed mostly in that territory, and in 2020 for the first time on vinyl through Northern Silence, the success of Skyforest’s latest album “A New Dawn” prompted us to also reissue it on CD (first press in 6-panel digipack, limited to 1000 copies) to make it available to a wider audience. Featuring Tim Yatras (Austere, Germ) on session vocals and drums, this album is the most Depressive Black Metal-like release in the Skyforest discography. Yet even back then the evolution into a more atmospheric kind of (Black) Metal with an uplifting view on life was already apparent…perhaps not in Yatras’ lyrics, but certainly in the music of composer B.M.

  1. Aftermath (1:00)
  2. Yearning for the Past (10:39)
  3. I Wish the Dawn Would Never Come (7:44)
  4. Nothing, Worthless (6:59)
  5. Inexistence (8:30)
  6. Together in Death (9:36)
  7. Ascension (2:40)
  8. Together in Death – Acoustic (5:24)


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