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Skullthrone – XIII Years Of Chaos [TAPE]

Skullthrone  return with 7 new apocalyptic anthems of devastating black metal. Formed in Poland, but now based in London, the band plays an extremely harsh and brutal form of black metal while incorporating some slight melodic elements and should appeal to fans of Infernal War, Impaled Nazarene etc..

  • Tape edition. 50x standard black tapes, 16x Wooden Box sets (contains alternative colour tape, pin badge, sticker, jacket patch, candle with holder, 3x rusty nails and burnt/etched rune
  • Both tapes features exclusive and differing bonus live/rehearsal tracks unique to the tapes
  • All tapes are hand numbered
  1. Intro
  2. The Devil And I
  3. Life Is Only Towards Death
  4. Anti-God Rebellion
  5. Un-Named Creeping Terror
  6. Thantos
  7. My Madness