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Skratte – Akt I: Ein Feuer Entfacht

Skratte was founded as a solo-project by Hevnbrann in 2012 in order to materialize his musical vision. Skratte’s words treat hatred, misanthropy and damnation – a lyrical reflection of a world that is devoid of any deity and can only be held in place through the devotion of every single natural spirit. Inspired by the coldness and brutality of Norwegian Black Metal as well as the characteristic versatility and harmonious playing of the French, Skratte combines the most diverse elements and motives in its distinct sounds, and should especially appeal to fans of Taake, Ungfell, Aaskereia or earlier works of Ulver. With “Akt I – Ein Feuer entfacht”, you will be able to discover a multifarious piece of art for yourself.

  1. Ein Ruf…
  2. Im Nebel des Herbstes
  3. Das erste Licht
  4. …im Verborgenen…
  5. Düsterheit
  6. Der Gott in mir
  7. Der graue Geist
  8. Ein Feuer entfacht
  9. Eines Irrlichts letztes Glimmen
  10. Der Schlüssel
  11. …der Ferne


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